How has social media consumption grown during the pandemic — are companies ready to market?

Image Source: Econsultancy

Stringent measures of social distancing have caused consumers to be confined in their homes and spend increasing time online to connect with their loved ones virtually. Consumers are also streaming entertainment services in increasing amounts in this time of global health crisis.

Twitter declared a rise of 23% over last year in their average daily active users, which can be monetized, in Q1 2020. In areas most affected by the coronavirus, Facebook has witnessed an increase of more than 50% over last year, in its messaging service. Facebook also announced that video and voice calling has also increased significantly over the same time frame on WhatsApp and Messenger channels.

Marketing and advertising initiatives are often adjusted to suit consumer behavior. As the lockdown measures were laid down across the globe, cinema and out-of-home advertising shrank down significantly.

Companies should adopt a customer-centric approach and prepare for employing digital advertising campaigns. The online environment has been opened up by the Covid-19 pandemic and provides a channel for ‘direct response’ campaigns. Such initiatives can prove to be attractive propositions for companies and can assist in driving their sales.



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Abhilash Khalkar

Abhilash, a serendipitous writer, aims to create an impact in this world with his writing. He enjoys espressos, as should all right-thinking people.