Let’s Talk About Creating A Digital Marketing Plan

Source: Entrepreneur

Digital marketing can be tricky for an organization, especially for firms that offer multiple products and services. There are several reasons for this, ones you’re probably well-acquainted with, but we’ll list them out anyway:

  • The hyper-competitive market today is a cluttered space in digital marketing

All of these hurdles can be addressed easily. All you need a solid marketing plan and an agile team that’s familiar with marketing technology.

To break the strategic process down for you, I am listing out 5 easy steps to creating your digital marketing plan:

1. Know your audience

2. Know your competition

3. Create your media plan

4. Prepare your marketing/ ad collaterals

5. Set up your tracking and reporting formats

Digital marketing is evolving extremely quickly today and offering more and more opportunities for consumer engagement. Gauge how consumer brands are using digital media to their benefit, and try to apply the learnings to your brand! Your industry may be very different, but you’ll find commonalities among other industries in consumer behavior, to your benefit.

The aforementioned 5 steps should have you well on your way to executing a successful digital marketing plan. A lot of it does depend on the expertise and experience of your digital team.



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Abhilash Khalkar

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