Why Are QR Codes Making A Huge Comeback?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way people conduct business. In light of this situation, QR (Quick Response) Codes are becoming the new normal. Life as we know has come to a standstill and there is a widespread threat of a deadly virus catching up to us. In such a scenario, tools and measures have to be employed, which ensure the social distancing guidelines laid down by the government.

Therefore, businesses across the globe are striving to provide a touch-free experience to their customers. Devising QR Codes for various purposes is helping business owners to achieve this. Businesses, to comply with the government’s guidelines and to utilize contactless alternatives as and where possible, are working tirelessly towards providing touch-free experience in a majority of their offerings.

The Current Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses across the globe to be posed with multiple challenges. These include responding to opportunities, mitigating risks, decreasing costs, maintaining substantial revenue levels, shift to remote working, keeping employees healthy, and at the same time, preparing for the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed all organizations to rethink how they conduct their business. Many of the organizations have been forced to renovate their business models and in some cases, even restructure.

QR Codes: A Support For Businesses

Governments and companies are making contactless options such as QR Codes available to public drives a sense of safety among consumers. This also helps businesses to boost their sales. Hence, many organizations across the globe are turning towards employing QR Codes.

So, if you are planning to go out for dinner to a restaurant or take a flight to your favorite destination, prepare to encounter processes with QR Codes and other contactless options. These added measures are being taken for the safety of workers and passengers alike.

This suggests that even the age-old system of paper money is about to go obsolete. With these payment options such as credit and debit cards are also expected to be put on hold for now. Inherently touch-free payment options are expected to rise, via the means of QR Codes.

Restaurants across the globe are doing away with paper or cardboard menus, and are bringing digitalization to their businesses. Such small changes in renovating the way to conduct business will go a long way in gaining customer trust, and thus, build sales.

The Functioning of QR Codes

A majority of the contactless services today are designed in and around QR Codes. These boxy touch-free QR Codes with square-and-dot designs have been in our world since the mid-1990s. They have made a strong comeback in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

A QR Code essentially has a very similar working to that of a Barcode at a general store. When you scan the QR Code with your smartphone’s camera app, it translates the square-and-dot design into a link. This provides you with information regarding the product/ service. For instance, restaurants can place a QR Code on each of their dining tables. When customers come in, they can quickly scan these QR Codes with their smartphones and have a digital copy of the restaurant’s menu.

The advent of QR Codes owing to the pandemic has been a boon for marketers across the globe. They can now devise innovative campaigns and include QR codes in the same, to allure customers.

Importance Of QR Codes To Brands And Marketers

The dynamic nature of QR Codes permits them to be incorporated into creative advertisements to suffice a set of objectives such as:

  • Direct customers to the brand’s social media page
  • View location on Google Maps
  • View/ access a special offer or a message
  • Direct customers to a review page
  • Send an email or text message
  • Provide information via a link to the brand’s landing page or website

Brands and marketers across industries can incorporate these codes to devise creative offline advertisements, which can allure customers, such as:

  • Mail or postcards
  • Conference displays
  • Business cards
  • Product packaging
  • Flyers or brochures
  • Event posters

While employing QR Codes, businesses do not have to sacrifice their creativity. They can be even more innovative in ways via which they can provide consumers with information. We all know there can be several ways of keeping QR Codes scannable and exciting at the same time.

The Way Ahead

The advent of QR Codes back into our lives has been a boon in today’s crisis. It is assisting multiple organizations across the world to function well and at the same time, follow the safety norms laid down by the government bodies.

The pandemic has disrupted the way in which companies carry out their operations. Developing processes and plans for allocation of funds will not aid an organization’s long-term goals. Organizations need to rethink their strategies and renovate their business structure by placing the customer at its center. QR Codes can assist companies in achieving just this by following appropriate processes and governance. QR Codes are not mere means for companies to survive this ongoing pandemic. They are crucial for organizations to lay a strong foundation today to witness healthy growth tomorrow.



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